The Rain

My watering can has been a little sad this week... My garden doesn't seem to miss it much either... The plants are loving the rain! I haven't quite decided how I feel about it yet. I am looking forward to some sunshine though.


New for June

My blogging isn't what it used to be... Here's a new June background if you'd like. : )
I'll get back into it soon, I'm sure.


Snot Faced & Soaked to the Knees

The all too common occurrence of my boy lately. Luckily I'm a laundry pro, and he's so dang cute!


May Desktop Background

After a long break from blogging, here's a desktop background I made for May. Enjoy!


Friday Font Favorites

A quick look at this week's favorites: Thanks for looking. Have a great weekend!


Dingbats and Typeface Design

Dingbat fonts are fun and useful. Here's a list of a few great sets by Think Design:
Cool & Useful Dingbat Fonts
Ever wondered what goes into creating a typeface? I have! : ) Here is a simple tutorial by VectorTuts+. All font designers have their own styles and techniques, but this tutorial demonstrates one way it can be done. The final product on the tutorial isn't the most pleasing typeface I've seen, but the lesson itself is very helpful.
Designing a Typeface, With Illustrator and FontLab, from Start to Finish Part 1
The second part of this tutorial hasn't arrived yet, which is okay for me because I have a feeling this will take a while... But the "A" is a start, right? P.S. I'll post part two here also when it's up.